Better Boys
Better Men

Masculinity is in crisis.

Unlike any time in modern history, males of every age, race, and income level are lost and bewildered, angry and scared.

An honest reckoning is long overdue.

In Better Boys, Better Men, frequent New York Times contributor Andrew Reiner deconstructs this ongoing crisis by examining the profound and profoundly debilitating roles traditional forms of masculinity play in the lives of boys and men today.


Meet The Author

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My family and I live near Frederick, Maryland on a small mountain in a retrofitted mid-19th century cabin with crummy satellite internet connection, a leaking metal roof, gorgeous vistas and sylvan peace that’s often punctured by neighbors’ rifle shots. Our two-acre yard is pocked with holes from our neurotic Australian Shepherd-mix and my nine-year-old son and me, metal detecting for Civil War relics. (No, we don’t live on a battlefield—close to one, though. I just want my son to believe that a world of possibility can exist below ground, as well as above it.) My wife, Elizabeth, and our son, Macallah, are the only other things that can…

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Book Reviews What People Are Saying

Andrew Reiner teaches boys to take responsibility for their mistakes, treat others with dignity and compassion, and approach life as a team sport. If we follow his road map, the world might well be a better place.


Better Boys, Better Men demands that we see boys and men as they see themselves, and not as we stereotype them to be, freeing them to see their own humanity and the humanity of others.


Andrew Reiner decodes the hidden language of guys, thus pointing the way to a better, deeper, more authentic masculinity. . . . This is a much-needed book that advances exactly the conversation we need to be having right now!


Better Boys, Better Men compassionately reveals the pressures and fears that stop toomany boys and men from being authentic, brave, and emotionally connected. Parents, especially dads, please read this book—it will give you permission to love your sons in ways that will create strong, ethical, and honorable men you can be proud of.


Parents, educators, coaches, counselors, and scholars of gender studies will want to take a look at this humane and inspirational portrait of an emotionally grounded, resilient masculinity.

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