Andrew Reiner, Author – Brief but Spectacular – PBS NewsHour

Researching masculinity has been a life-long interest for Andrew Reiner, and it took on a new urgency when his son, Macallah, was born in 2011. Tonight, Reiner gives his Brief but Spectacular take on confronting an outdated model of masculinity. His latest book is called, “Better Boys, Better Men.”

Andrew Reiner | Guest | Amanpour & Company | PBS

Andrew Reiner is the author of “Better Boys, Better Men.”

Australia’s Today Show: “Parents Need to Have Meaningful Conversations with Sons”

During three-weeks of speaking engagements at boys schools in Australia, I was interviewed on Australia’s Today Show about the need for parents to have emotionally honest conversations with sons—and tips for how to do this—as well as the subject of boys and #MeToo.

Tapestry—Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC): “Stop Staring! Andrew Reiner’s mission to stare down the shame around men crying in public”

This interview with Tapestry host Mary Hynes was the perfect conversation—honest, hopefully thoughtful, mutually respectful, organic, lacking in any agenda. Leave it to the Canadians!

Radio Times—WHYY-FM: “The Emotional lives of Boys and Men”

This conversation on the acclaimed NPR talk show with Host Marty Moss-Coane was tied to the NYT piece I wrote, “Teaching Men to Be Emotionally Honest”

Minnesota Public Radio —”Curing Toxic Masculinity”

Now that my kids are grown and gone, I have more time for regrets. It’s a hazard of the parenting business. I missed too many baseball games. I was too involved when I did go. I didn’t take them to the BWCA. I overprotected as is the want of my generation…

American RadioWorks: “Should Colleges Teach Men How to Be Men?”

This interview on ARW’s Education podcast was conducted on the heels of my article about men needing to learn emotional honesty, which had exploded on social media. I was grateful to be invited on to this podcast, truly, and it was one of those conversations where that little voice in your head keeps saying, Is this person on board with any of this?