April 12, 2020

Walking is not a form of exercise middle-aged and younger men embrace, largely due to gender perceptions (it’s a ‘soft’ form of exercise for women and old men). But they should—for many reasons.

October 24, 2018

There’s no question: If we’re going to raise boys that grow into men who are self-aware, empathetic, compassionate, accountable and far less violent, then we need to create spaces where boys can discover and discuss what it means to ‘be a man’. The few programs like this that exist are having a profound impact on…

December 5, 2017

Even though emotional transparency is essential to mental health, it’s a difficult skill for many men to develop, especially if they were taught to embrace traditional forms of masculine identity. Learning how to become more demonstrative is a way men can find the emotional connection they need, even if words fail them

October 14, 2016

While the trope still exists that all fathers should want sons, the reality is that many younger men who struggle with business-as-usual masculinity have worries about bringing a boy into the world—so do a growing number of women. This is about the quest to overcome those concerns and, yes, the burgeoning stigma of boys.

April 4, 2016

This essay that appeared in the Ed Life section was my maiden salvo appeal for a new breed of healthier masculinity. It had 1.5+ million reads online and opened the door to a spate of public radio interviews and, ultimately, my first book

January 23, 2015

I don’t cry often, but when I do I don’t hide it. This essay is about my journey to reach this place of liberation with my own vulnerability, especially as a man. It led to interviews with an NPR affiliate station and the Canadian Broadcasting Company.